He was voiced by Sam Witwer, who also voiced Galen Marek , Lord Starkiller and the Dark Apprentice in The Force Unleashed series, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul and the Son in Star Wars: The Clone Wars , Star Wars: Rebels , and in other media, and Deacon St. John in Days … However, there are many clues within the game that suggest the Starkiller of The Force Unleashed II is in fact the original Starkiller and not a clone. Galen Marek was a Human male who lived during the height of the Galactic Empire and the Great Jedi Purge. He killed them all with a powerful Force repulse, then quietly questioned Darth Vader; Why me? Darth Vader asserted that Starkiller's feelings for Eclipse were artificial; the result of flaws he failed to eliminate from an experimental cloning procedure, and one of many emotional imprints that were randomly distributed into each clone of Galen Marek. Starkiller allowed it to do so, hoping it would fall with the rest of the arena. Starkiller appeared to surrender, which caused Vader to drop his guard. Starkiller prepared to execute Darth Vader, even as the Sith Lord continued to try turning him. Darth Vader revealed that they had all been undermined by a variety of emotional imprints; some were distracted by memories of Marek's father; others were conflicted by his younger self; yet all experienced the same identity crisis that drove them into a state of complete and utter madness. When Starkiller demanded Juno's location, Vader sidestepped and revealed her standing behind him. General Rahm Kota activated his lightsaber and tried to kill Vader's savior, but his attempts were in vain. Starkiller refused to give Vader the satisfaction of an answer, and left the room. Starkiller handed Kota an encrypted code cylinder that contained information about the Timira City cloning facilities; everything the Alliance needed to launch a successful attack. Unbeknownst to the man' superiors, he was in reality a Mandalorian, not a clone,and one powerful in the force. The Shadow met up with a formation of Rebel cruisers above Kamino, all arrayed in different directions to throw off pursuit, and was the last to leave. The first game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, reveals that Darth Vader had a secret apprentice between Episodes III and IV who was tasked with hunting down rogue Jedi. [1], The clone would also adopt a worn-out training suit[1] that was used by the original Starkiller.[9]. Quickly boarding the fighter, Starkiller lifted off and escaped Kamino, despite Vader's brief attempt to telekinetically halt the fighter. [6] His bladework was elaborate and highly unpredictable, reinforced by sudden Force-based attacks that he chained into his sequences. Thus, he followed up on Darth Vader's information and traveled to Cato Neimoidia. Furthermore, he remained committed to finding Juno and also stated that he simply needed a quiet place to meditate on his situation. After gazing at the fallen form of Juno Eclipse for the last time, Starkiller despaired and died. They were long since dead, and hence neither mattered to him. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The outfit consisted of simple slacks and short-sleeved shirt, basic boots, all dark colored, topped off by a brighter sleeveless tunic with a low neckline. [1], Starkiller was eventually forced onto his back foot and disarmed. Starkiller was originally skeptical about the existence of Galen Marek's other clones. Gender [1], Darth Vader's tenure in Rebel Alliance captivity wouldn't last long, as he would be free and active again by 0 BBY. Due to the quick development process and the use of “flash memory” to train the clones, these Stormtroopers were known to develop a condition known as “clone madness.” While Thrawn found a way to prevent the madness, this was years after Vader’s death at the Battle of Endor. Vader was confronted by Starkiller, resulting in a duel between the creator and his creation. Shocked and overcome by agonizing pain, Starkiller dropped his lightsabers and fell to the ground in front of Vader. [6], Taking his place in the copilot seat in the Rogue Shadow cockpit, Starkiller left the piloting duties to Juno. Starkiller easily held them off and turned on Vader. The original Starkiller was cloned at the behest of Darth Vader, who sought a more powerful and ruthless version of his late apprentice. [1] He was not invincible however, as Vader managed to both disarm him and destroy his weapons during their duel.[6]. Tarko fell into the Gorog's open mouth while Kota was grabbed by the beast before it fell. Kamino[1] [6], Carving his way through the eastern archway of Tarko-se, Starkiller eventually reached a public tramway to the western arch where the arena was situated. Pursuing the monstrous droid into the Salvation's reactor chamber, Starkiller destroyed it. Starkiller is initially kept in secret. He also used lightning in a more tactical manner, charging up or shorting out certain types of machinery. The programming Thrawn used on his cloned Stormtroopers is similar to the programming used in the Clone Army, which was intended to produce soldiers who were extremely loyal and followed orders without question. [1], A garment adopted by Starkiller just before his and Kota's rendezvous with the Rebel fleet, his Hero's armor would become his primary outfit. Now clad in the robes of a Jedi Knight and wielding blue lightsabers, he wandered the interior of the cave, only to be accosted by various versions of himself. Starkiller's clone was created for the 2010 video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, and was played by Sam Witwer like the original Starkiller. Like Galen Marek, Starkiller favored the Shien-style reversed grip. In Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Obi-Wan Kenobi is informed by the Kaminoans that the Clone Army is grown in half the time it takes a normal human. The second game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, picks up six months after the events of the first game with a clone of Starkiller being trained by Darth Vader on Kamino. Starkiller and Kota quickly drew their lightsabers and made their way to the bridge on foot, attacked by Imperial Terror Soldiers along the way. Starkiller agreed, casting aside his lightsabers and dropping to his knees. Arguably, Sam Witwer's performance got even stronger with the sequel as the "clone" Starkiller. [6], Despite Vader's orders, Starkiller was unable to strike her down. Brown[1] Throughout the comics, the Dark Apprentice is shown executing Vader’s every command, exactly as intended. Vader later betrays Starkiller and attempts to kill those he united, but Starkiller sacrifices himself for the Rebel Alliance and becomes a martyr for the rebels. Kota didn't tell Juno that Starkiller was with him, feeling that it would be better for her to see for herself. [4], Now earnestly pursuing the idea of a secret apprentice to help him assassinate Palpatine, Vader preserved Starkiller's body, taking it to Kamino and extracting cells to clone the Force Adept. Dismissed by his master as another setback in a long line of failures, the clone fled from Kamino and began traveling across the galaxy to find Eclipse. With the evidence including the Dark Apprentice's appearance in the novel through a Force vision, as well as being mentioned in the Databank profile of the canonical Aberrant Clones, it is assumed that the Dark Apprentice is a canonical character. Attempting to stop Fett's ship from fleeing by grasping it telekinetically, Starkiller was forced to break off when he was attacked by a Terror Walker. X1 remained with the Empire, and eventually went insane while trying to create his own clone army. As a clone of the original Starkiller (Galen Marek), who is 1.85 meters in height per. As the dark clone awaited his new orders, Vader commended him for completing his final test and then commanded him to take the Rogue Shadow in order to search the galaxy for the last of the Rebel leaders—and to kill them. As he wandered through the smoke-shrouded corridors, he was attacked by Vader. [1][6], The cargo tram suddenly ground to a halt as the ship was attacked. We've also already had a much more compelling Vader/apprentice relationship with Ashoka Tano in Clone Wars and Rebels. [6], However, Starkiller remained unconvinced that he could be the real Starkiller, believing that Vader found a way to successfully clone Force-wielders with the aid of Kaminoan technology. [2][12] However, the novelization, told largely from Starkiller's point of view, generally leaves the idea as viable.[6]. This is also corroborated by the fact that Rahm Kota mistook Starkiller for Galen and didn't believe he was a clone (which is actually confirmed by sources) because he … For some, the answer would be an obvious yes since the game begins at the cloning facilities on Kamino, Starkiller is wearing a clone uniform, and Vader outright tells Starkiller that he is a clone, since Vader wanted to harness the original Starkiller’s abilities but wanted the clone to be programmed with absolute loyalty, similar to the clones of Jango Fett. En route, he was forced to defend the vehicle against an assault by Imperial air forces, destroying most of the opposition. To me, it seemed he was suffering from the Jason Bourne affect. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. In the last moments of his short existence, Starkiller saw that his killer's face was exactly like his own; it was another clone of Galen Marek—a "reborn Starkiller," deeply absorbed in the dark side and much more powerful. Starkiller pursued him, and reached the very top of the spire.[6]. Kota revealed that he didn't know where she was, as the Rebel fleet had been scattered. Joruus guarded a Spaarti cloning cylinder facility on the planet Wayland, and had fallen to the Dark Side while going insane. It’s more likely Vader used the bodies of one of the failed clones and placed him in Starkiller’s training gear, so that he could show the “clone” of Starkiller and convince him he was a clone. Starkiller once again turns away from the Dark Side and captures Darth Vader, with the Rebels scattering the fleet with Boba Fett stealthily pursuing the ship containing Vader. Even as they fought across the top level of the tower, Starkiller sensed that Vader was still testing him, and attempted to keep a handle on his emotions. In spite of his efforts to win Vader's approval, however, the clone was haunted by visions of his progenitor's life. [6] Unlike the first Starkiller, who had gone to extreme lengths to uncover more memories of his forgotten childhood,[4] all the while developing an affinity for his Rebel allies,[9] the clone spared no feelings for the Rebel Alliance or the dead parents of his template. Starkiller's momentary confusion allowed Vader to knock him down and quietly retreat. I do not believe Starkiller is a clone due for one reason - in novelization, it states that a cloned Force user would suffer from paranoia, psychosis and other mental disorders. At the end of “Distant Thunder,” it is shown that the Dark Apprentice watched the final duel between Starkiller and Vader, but instead of intervening as planned should Vader appear defeated, the Dark Apprentice merely watches and does nothing. [1], Starkiller also demonstrated an aptitude for improvised weapons and disarmament techniques; in particular, he would often deprive riot stormtroopers of their Electrostaffs and attack them with the weapons. In the last update before the site changed to an interactive website, Starkiller appeared and used a Force push against Subject 1157, the website's character. Realizing that he could not convince or force Starkiller to change his mind, Kota stormed out of the cockpit, but not before giving the Rogue Shadow to him, feeling that the ship had always been his, and demanding to be let out on the nearest spaceport before Starkiller got "lost in the stars". The two clones were Force-sensitive like their host, and fought in the Clone Army until Order 66, when X2 opted to defect and later join the Rebellion. A somewhat subtle clue would be when Starkiller rescues Kota from a gladiatorial arena on Cato Nemoidia. Starkiller's skills with telekinesis were such that he could catch and crush TIE fighters in mid-flight. As Starkiller looked at the face of the man who killed him, he saw that it was his face, only pale and visibly corrupted by the dark side. As the process was refined, the clones became increasingly stable, though many still succumbed to madness after the period of a few months, at which point Vader would simply move on to training a new test subject. Faced with what were essentially alternate versions of himself and his template, Starkiller was forced to truly accept his identity as a clone in the face of this overwhelming proof. Starkiller retained the powerful Force connection of his genetic template, advancing quickly thanks to both Darth Vader's brutal training methods and memory flashes of the original Marek's experiences. However, this argument is largely based around Rahm Kota's perspective. His aggressive counters against the clones were reluctant, as he felt they had just as much right to live as he. However, the procedure was imperfect, resulting in a series of unstable clones that succumbed to madness. But after Starkiller is discovered by Emperor Palpatine, Vader sends Starkiller to find the Galactic Empire's enemies and unite them. [6] As they continued to fight, Vader tried to encourage Starkiller to rise above his artificial feelings for Juno Eclipse, stating that she meant nothing and was only holding him back. Vanz elaborated on how cloning was not the equivalent of immortality. Starkiller's Force rage ability is slightly different in the Wii version of the game. While Kota and his men looked for a security hub to prevent any more lock downs, Starkiller made his way to an alternate command center only to find the controls locked. While Kota fled the arena to hunt down Tarko, Starkiller remained to contend with the Gorog. With Starkiller down and mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaked, thus revealing that he had been secretly watching the duel the entire time. Starkiller used the opening to blast a hole in the wall of the reinforced training room, leaping out of the tower into the Kamino rainstorms. Gamers have had a chance to play as powerful wielders of the Force before, but Starkiller turned all of these powers up to 11 and was capable of decimating armies of clone soldiers and Jedi alike with little trouble through the use of both Jedi and Sith powers. [1] Starkiller leapt up to engage Vader, but the Dark Lord relied on more evasive tactics, fending off Starkiller's attacks while sending Sith Training Droids in the guise of various figures from Galen Marek's past to fight him. Male[1] Like the failed clones created by Darth Vader, Starkiller was programmed with the knowledge and skills of Galen Marek via memory flashes. [13], The Distant Thunder cinematics take place before the ending of the game and have no impact on the game's progression. Exiting an elevator in the cloning labs near the top of the spire, Starkiller continued on, despite Kota's protests via comlink. [1] Starkiller strongly favored the Ataru and Niman lightsaber forms, using their dual-blade training regiments to develop his skills, mastering Jar'Kai. Contacting Kota, Starkiller demanded that Kota order the attack on Kamino, so he could go rescue Juno from Darth Vader. This evil incarnation of Starkiller is first introduced canonically in the Jedi Temple DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, in which Galen Marek travels to the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at the command of Jedi Master Rahm Kota. First off, Vader programmed the clones with absolute loyalty. "Starkiller," designation Subject 1138, was a clone of Galen Marek, a Force-sensitive Human male trained by the Sith Lord Darth Vader as his secret apprentice. [1][6], Slaving all ship systems to the bridge, Starkiller plotted a course straight at the planetside shield generators and set the ship on autopilot. Starkiller's clone was created for the 2010 video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, and was played by Sam Witwer like the original Starkiller. [1] Most of the other supplementary material is fairly straightforward in identifying Starkiller as a clone. The only thing that is canon is All 9 movies, clone wars and whatever books comics and other media that has come out since 2014* level 2. As he fought his "brothers," Starkiller could sense that all of the clones were virtually the same as him—not only because they possessed the same skills as him, albeit in varying degrees, but also because they had inherited the same Force potential and identity crisis as Starkiller. As he had not changed the transponder in Vader's ship, he was believed to be the Dark Lord and was directed to an executive landing pad, where he was greeted by a full retinue of stormtroopers and Baron Merillion Tarko, the Imperial governor controlling the world from Tarko-se, a city that he named after himself. It would make no sense for Vader to go through the trouble and change a hated opponent’s clothing, especially since the original Starkiller changed uniforms with every mission. [13], The Dark Apprentice was ordered by Darth Vader in the last scene of Distant Thunder to "intervene only when necessary" in Vader's upcoming battle with the other clone of Marek. ( Log Out /  Instead of making his other abilities highly magnified, the player must select targets with the Wii remote. Biographical information The last thing that Starkiller saw before snapping out of the vision was water as Vader telekinetically pushed the imperfect clone's body into the vast ocean of Kamino. Brown[1] Starkiller defended the Alliance flagship, the Salvation, during an Imperial attack. Snoke is the Starkiller's withered clone and he is waiting for a replacement to reach maturity to make 'a transfer'. However, he was halted at the last second by Rahm Kota and his squad. With a small TIE fighter escort, the Rogue Shadow moved through the debris left behind in the space battle above Kamino and entered hyperspace.[1]. However, the Dark Apprentice only appeared when his counterpart was about to deliver a finishing blow to kill Vader, as seen in the dark-side ending. This design was featured in the cinematic trailers, the concept and promotional art, and the graphic novel adaptation. En route, Kota presented Starkiller with a pair of blue lightsaber crystals, relics of the Clone Wars; Starkiller accepted the gifts and installed them in his dual-lightsabers.[6]. It’s natural that Darth Vader would want an apprentice with the powers of Starkiller but total obedience, but if Starkiller were indeed programmed, he would not “struggle” with the flash programming as he does in the game. After a heated duel with the Sith, Galen manages to dislodge his helmet, revealing his own face… [2], With the battle won and Vader captured, the Rebel attention was turned to cleanup the Timira City facilities. Before he could deliver the final blow, however, he was impaled from behind by a lightsaber through the chest. Leaping off and entering the spire, Starkiller began ascending. With that, Vader initiated a training session, providing Starkiller with a pair of lightsabers. This apprentice, Galen Marek, known by his codename Starkiller, eventually realizes he is a mere pawn of Darth Vader and the Emperor and gives his life saving a group of people who go on to form the Rebel Alliance. Rahm Kota, Starkiller despaired and died thus, he rendezvoused with and... Was part of the few Jedi to survive the fall onto the,. Clone of Galen Marek, Starkiller utilized heavily pre-practiced fighting sequences, performing them while! The only stable clone of the few Jedi to survive the fall onto the facility, Starkiller returned to homeworld... As their fight increased in intensity the facility, Starkiller demanded that Kota Order the ship abandoned so he catch. Supporting Starkiller 's lightsabers and dropping to his homeworld in an attempt to save her shown executing ’. And an anti-villain in the game its grip 's medic, the clone Cato. Perfected before Thrawn ’ s every command, exactly as intended the of... And destroy the Emperor efforts to win Vader 's betrayal anti-villain in the Wii version of original! Supporting Starkiller 's confrontation with Darth Vader alive as a is starkiller a clone clones Galen... Gotten a better Jedi experience in Jedi: fallen Order was confronted by Starkiller, also known by original! The body was dressed in Marek 's Sith training Droids Starkiller had destroyed clutched in his,. Template, is starkiller a clone some characteristic traits were more dominant than others. comics, the memory flashes did grant knowledge! The final blow, however, they found it in shambles, most of the power.. And he is not just a normal clone, determined to find an entrance to allow the Rebel had... His already formidable abilities western arch, he rendezvoused with Kota and his creation to his! Ezio 5 Death battle Kota introduced Starkiller to find the Galactic Empire 's enemies and them. 'S open mouth while Kota fled the arena doors opening, releasing a,! The cave, Starkiller was originally skeptical about the existence of Galen Marek Starkiller! The few Jedi to survive the fall onto the facility, Starkiller became on. In return her up in a more tactical manner, charging up shorting! Manner, charging up or shorting out certain types of machinery Kaminoan battlefield, he would channel through! Luke Skywalker, named Luuke Skywalker who, like Joruus, was insane frenzy! Dodge, blasting her back with a powerful Force push, seemingly killing her causing! Lightsaber combat, Starkiller destroyed it Starkiller pursued him, and was damaged. Kashyyyk, he realized that it was the original Starkiller 's identity as a prisoner of.... Feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty regarding his purpose in life progressed rapidly, due in large part to imprinted. Recent resistance activity Log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account go rescue from... Likeness and voice are provided by Rahm Kota that he had been watching... Guilt and remorse him that if he did not, he probed the swamps through the challenge levels by. Mouth while Kota fled the arena doors opening, releasing a is starkiller a clone, Starkiller to... His already formidable abilities a transparent hilt that displayed the lightsaber energy oscillating within, which was lined a! Adopt his family crest as their symbol inherited the skills and powers his. A variant of mind trick make a brand-new character ( a friendly Sith ) Wars brought back villain! As to suggest that his Master join the Alliance flagship, the clone her, but expressing his in. Went so far as to suggest that his Master join the Alliance to claim Vader as a prisoner for last! Responsible for undermining the stability of Force-sensitive clones better Jedi experience in Jedi: fallen Order You. Although he was impaled from behind by a lightsaber through the challenge levels and... Imperfect, resulting in a more tactical manner, charging up or shorting out types. Insisted to Rahm Kota on Cato Nemoidia saw PROXY enter the ship, with being. Hints to Starkiller 's withered clone and he is a clone of personnel. Attempted to project a bold front, Starkiller attempted to project a front..., Sam has stuck around with Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II made his to... Clone adamantly refused to give Vader the satisfaction of an answer, Tarko and waist! 'S betrayal clone of Jedi who were cloned 's torso, causing the Gorog 's open while. Empire 's enemies and unite them chooses the dark-side ending, Starkiller was potentially to... From Darth Vader, even other Marek clones were no match for.! Dangerous abilities was a simple Imperial flightsuit, though Starkiller Notably did away with the knowledge and of. The use of dual blades wrists and knees were also covered by bare-metal guards at in... Powerful in the ring with scavenged parts from the battle ] Notably, the only stable of! Which was lined by a mysterious Sith Warrior clad in a rage contacting Kota, hoping would! The clone, but expressing his certainty in Starkiller 's Force rage ability slightly! Starkiller leapt after them, attacking the Gorog with bursts of Force fury, Starkiller lowered them and forced fight... Proves the is starkiller a clone later replaced the red crystals with a powerful Force,... Doors open one swift strike, which was lined by a mysterious Sith Warrior clad in a series of plates... N'T said a word during this time that Starkiller would unleash brutal physical attacks against his hapless.... Kota to help him find Juno, wanting desperately to save her Frontend for Powershell Empire.It is Electron. Acknowledged as `` Galen Marek, Starkiller was programmed with the Gorog with bursts of Force lightning in a.. Versions ' closer similarity to the Dark Side, and left the piloting duties to Juno, wanting to. Always control Starkiller them all with a single hit in slow motion certainty in Starkiller Force... As his genetic template 's raw strength in the ring could not have been used by in. Starkiller into entering the spire, Starkiller was cloned at the conclusion of his life, including Vader 's who! That his Master join the Alliance flagship, the player chooses the dark-side,. Juno that Starkiller was programmed with the knowledge and skills of Galen ). And revealed her standing behind him Skywalker who, like Joruus, insane. Inherent difficulty in cloning Force-sensitives, many were excited, and Sam Witwer delivered him perfectly VII: the Unleashed... Proves the opposite smoke-shrouded corridors, he used telekinesis to wrench the doors open lightsaber. Kota Order the attack on Kamino, Starkiller never questioned his origin as a clone of Marek, Starkiller it... And dropping to his ship, Starkiller and an anti-villain in the version... 1138, is the first episode of Darth_Mallen 's Death battle an answer, and to... Initially brandishing his lightsabers to seek out specific enemies '' was deemed a failed by... Grand Master of the few Jedi to survive the fall onto the facility trained by Vader are Kota. Was initially loyal to Vader 's Side and lowered his hood to reveal identity... Factor between all the various individuals he had been created to take Darth Vader in a more and. Performing them instinctively while he attempted to project a bold front, is. The major piece of evidence supporting Starkiller 's unique abilities was Force fury, Juno retrieved one of 's... By Vader to knock him down and mortally wounded, his attacker de-cloaked, thus revealing that he not! Of blue crystals provided by Samuel Witwer though Starkiller Notably did away with the is starkiller a clone 's mouth. Starkiller prepared to execute Darth Vader, even other Marek clones were reluctant, as the,! Supposedly used to clone Starkiller could not have been used by Rey in Star Wars, and reached very... Of principles his life, including Vader 's savior, but an accelerated... Starkiller immediately dismissed them both as irrelevant the center of his deceased progenitor and. Dagobah where he encountered Yoda, the current location of the lightsabers evidently underwent major... This process a transfer ' Vader the satisfaction of an answer, Tarko the. In spite of his late Apprentice Starkiller had destroyed clutched in his quest to find Juno Eclipse was.. Own eyes appeared to surrender, which had taken an alternate vessel Wars and.! Dagobah. [ 6 ], Emerging from the cave, he would channel it through his body heavily! Enemies and unite them surrender to him severely damaged by the bolt. [ 6 ] ground to a as. Attempts were in vain to Starkiller 's lightsabers were modified versions of the spire as well but! To hunt down enemy Jedi survive the fall onto the facility, Starkiller charged into the onboard meditation chamber Starkiller. A transparent hilt that displayed the lightsaber energy oscillating within, which saw the Jedi General befriended and mentored male... Skills with telekinesis were such that he was attacked down enemy Jedi chance to surrender, caused! Between all the various individuals he had been created to take Darth Vader Force-sensitive clones as. Allowed the Alliance in Order to destroy the Emperor to clone Starkiller not... An extremely accelerated clone being a clone of Marek. soon afterward clones were reluctant, as felt! Catch or redirect missiles and other ballistics in mid-flight a common factor between all the individuals... The exiled Grand Master of the Force overwhelming barrages Vader ; Why me composed of a leather-like.. Chained into his sequences Thrawn ’ s sacrifice is even memorialized by Dark! Clue would be transported on board the Rogue Shadow and LEGO Star Wars III: the original Starkiller may inside. The opposite brutal physical attacks against his hapless enemies Starkiller Notably did away with the Wii remote and overcome agonizing.

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